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Electronic Notebook

Orient your family with

    • Handy check lists
    • Valuable resources
    • Easy tips on how to complete your notebook
    • Bonus ideas to add fun to your notebook

The Electronic Notebook is a file of fill-able forms.
With fill-able forms you can:

    • update your personal information easily
    • print the entire file or selected pages
    • store the file on your computer or on a flash drive.

"The Electronic Notebook has been a great tool. In the process of completing the notebook, I discovered a misspelled name and a wrong birth year for beneficiaries and it led to consolidating some accounts, too. Your notebook has really been helpful in bringing my records up to date. I have sent a link to your website to several friends and will continue to do so."  Martha Bauer

See how easily you can complete the Legal Information Section.

Your comprehensive notebook includes

    • Personal Information
    • Personal Contacts
    • Medical Information
    • Last Rituals
    • Legal Information
    • Financial Information
    • Personal Property
    • Household Facts
    • Document Locator
    • Professional Contacts

Enjoy these benefits

  • Complete notebook at your own pace
  • Store notebook on your computer or print
  • Share critical information with family members
  • Update information as needed
  • Never buy another organizing notebook!

"I gave my mother the Electronic Notebook. She really loves it. In a way, it was also a gift to myself."     Edwin Young


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