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Half the Fun

Organizing yourself to complete a project doesn't have to be drudgery. It can be half the fun of getting there.

Read this essay in the August 2012 issue of Austin Woman Magazine.

Organizing for End-of-Life

Many of us are not organized for end-of-life. We don't intend to leave a mess, but unless we get organized that is what will happen. You won't leave a scavenger hunt for your heirs if you follow these steps.

Read about steps you can take in the June 21, 2012 issue of Intelligent Money.

Spring Cleaning….Your Files

Do you have paper piled high on your bookshelves, crammed in your desk drawers, and squashed in your file cabinet?

Originally published online by Nurses Unlimited.

Are You Prepared?

Imagine that you are in an automobile accident and are taken unconscious to the hospital. Will your family have your Directive Regarding Who May Receive Medical Information so they can get information on your condition?

Originally published online by Texas Seniors’ Guide and reissued.

Keeping Up with Record Keeping and Why it Matters

Imagine that you suddenly fall ill and are taken unconscious to the hospital. Will your family have your Directive Regarding Who May Receive Medical Information so they can get updated on your condition? Will your family be able to find your Medical Power of Attorney so that they can act on your behalf?

Read article about keeping up with record keeping at New LifeStyles online.

Organizing for Caregiving

Are you responsible for caring for a loved one? If so, you will need to organize your loved one's medical information and records to be an effective caregiver.

Get the list of information and records from article in the Lamplighter

How Did I Get To Be Co-Executor?

Frances finds herself unexpectedly the co-executor of her cousin’s estate because she didn’t really probe deep enough when she was asked to “help out.”

Originally published online by WomenBloom’s Ask the Expert.

The importance of organizing and sharing a senior's critical household and personal information to family outside the household

Do you know if these statements are true or false?

  1. If one person knows how to pay the bills and manage the investments, we're covered.
  2. Families generally know the last wishes of an elder.

Read the article in Accountable Aging’s newsletter to learn the answers!

Organize records to plan for retirement

Interview with Amy Praskac about organizing records to plan for retirement. She advises those who are planning for retirement to organize records in four categories: personal, financial, medical, and household.

Read about details of organizing records for retirement in Texas Monthly FOCUS piece.

Organizing personal papers should be an important priority for
New Year

Interview with Amy Praskac about the importance of having your critical personal information and documents organized in case family members need to access your personal records.

Read about how you can get help organizing your personal papers in the Senior Advocate.


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