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On the Record Advance Planning works side-by-side with you to compile your notebook. You also get an electronic copy for safe-keeping.

You will create a road map for your family.

They will know:

  • Who to call
  • What to do
  • Where to find key documents
  • When they are needed

because you cared enough to create a road map for your family.

What clients have to say

"I felt organized, but things were here and there. I wanted other family members to know where things were. The finished notebook was more detailed than we expected. It represents real organization. I was surprised that we found some "holes" and am glad that Amy helped us take care of those items as well."
     Marty Rosenfield, weekend entrepreneur

"Before we hired Amy Praskac, we felt sufficiently organized to do the project and save ourselves the fee. After going through her process, we feel differently. While we might have finished the project eventually,
we realized it's just too easy to let things slide."
     Camille and Bill Miller, free to travel

"I didn't want to waste time figuring out what information to include and how to organize it, so I hired
Amy Praskac."
     Steve Cook, owner of AusTex Websites

"The main thing for us was that working with On the Record forced us to do something that we had been meaning to do, but never got around to doing. The process was easier than we thought it would be. We
just printed the reminder e-mails and worked through the list which was much easier than remembering what to do or making notes. Our children will appreciate having everything together in one notebook."
     Keith and Mona Wright, retired with personal affairs in order

"Leaving things in order is something we do for the ones we love."
     The Very Rev. Douglas Travis

What I can do for you

I know what it is like to be the one left behind. I know you want to make things as manageable as possible for your family. Read about my story.

You will receive

  • Assistance to fill gaps in your record keeping
  • Manageable assignments to update your records
  • Reminder e-mails and phone calls to keep the project on track
  • Advice about sharing your critical information with family

See an example page from a custom notebook.

Call 512-371-3624 for a free preliminary interview.

Fee set at interview based on scope of project.

Note: Available only to persons living in Austin, Texas.


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