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Amy Praskac has spoken to a variety of audiences that include professional associations, church groups, civic groups, faculty and staff at the University of Texas and St. Edward's University, and cancer support groups to name a few. Her talks are ideal for a luncheon or dinner. 

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Talk: Live with the End in Mind!

Amy Praskac gives a brief talk about the importance of being prepared for a medical emergency or end of life. She tells stories along with lessons to be learned, shares observations from her organizing practice, and distributes a brief quiz to help you assess where you stand.

After I heard Amy speak, I was motivated to finally make sure that I had all in order-- will, advanced directives, and powers of attorney. I feel much more organized and peaceful as a result. And as a bonus, it's made things a lot easier for me to keep track of while I'm still here!
Kerstin, professional at work and single mom at home

Thank you so much for coming out to talk to us. I am now motivated to get my notebook filled out and am trying to figure out how to ask those difficult questions of my family. It was definitely a real eye opener. I loved the stories that you shared.

Melissa Ann Bailey, HSSE Manager, Emerson Process Management

I thought you did an excellent job last Sunday. Your presentation was right on target; the stories held our attention and let everyone know you've "been there, done that.”
Bobbie Sanders, Christian Education Committee Chair, University Presbyterian Church

Interactive Talk: Having “The Conversation”

Amy Praskac offers a presentation titled Having "The Conversation" about discussing aging and end-of-life concerns with your parents. Amy takes the light-hearted approach of putting on a play to help you plan your conversation with your parents. She shares advice on who to involve (casting), what topics to introduce (plotting), as well as when and where to hold the discussion (setting the scene). Resource sheets provided to develop your own production.

"Having the Conversation" was a great start for my brother and I to begin discussing our plan of action in talking with our parents. We received creative options in how to start the conversation as well as learned about some resources to help us along the way. One of the most valuable lessons learned is that it's not just one's going to be a series of conversations over time. So, begin the conversations now.
Laurie Garrant, feeling prepared

Having "The Conversation": How to Discuss Aging and End-of-Life Concerns with Your Parents now available in Kindle Edition from Amazon.

Workshop: Resources for End-of-Life Planning

Learn what it takes to be prepared for end-of-life. Get useful tips and valuable resources about preparing in these areas of your life:

  • Legal & Medical
  • Financial
  • Practical--The Body
  • Practical--The Stuff
  • Emotional and Spiritual

Preparing for end-of-life is a gift you can give to your family. Handouts.

Dear Amy,
Thank you. You did such a beautiful job sharing your time, talent, and wisdom with us last night. I was so pleased that such a large group had the opportunity to hear your message. It's such an important one!

Sue Cullen, Adult Education Program Coordinator for local church


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