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Satisfied Clients

People who care about their heirs

"Before we hired Amy Praskac, we felt sufficiently organized to do the project and save ourselves the fee. After going through her process, we feel differently."

"While we might have finished the project eventually, we realized it’s just too easy to let things slide without reminders about what to do and appointments set to work on the project. We received good value and are pleased we finished the project before our vacation."

"We enjoyed other benefits from doing the project with Amy. We had to think about our priorities which led us to simplify by closing accounts and purging files. We found it easier to discuss our last wishes by following the outline Amy provided. Throughout, Amy kept us motivated with her stories about the importance of being prepared."

"Our only child, now an adult, is grateful to have this information."

                   Camille and Bill Miller

"Doing my notebook with On the Record Advance Planning was well worth the time and effort and money because it is a valuable service. Amy thought of things I would not have considered like checking my credit report to be sure old accounts were closed and to have a second signer on my safe deposit box. I feel better now about leaving things for my children."

Sally Drews

“After my dad died, we discovered he had given us the gift of leaving everything in order. I knew I wanted to do the same thing for my heirs."

“However, I didn’t want to waste time figuring out what information to include and how to organize it, so I hired Amy Praskac. She provided the structure and included details about Austex Websites that I would not have considered. She gave guidance at every step and was proactive in following up."

“Amy provides a valuable service. I highly recommend On the Record Advance Planning to anyone who cares about their heirs.”

Steve Cook, owner of Austex Websites

People who need a guide

"I was thrust into the position of managing my stepmother's affairs when she moved to assisted living. I felt overwhelmed by her many accounts and worried about how to get started. I had a childish fantasy of just turning it over to someone in a big trunk."

"Instead, I called Amy Praskac. I loved that she met with me face-to-face instead of on the telephone or by email. She has a positive manner that is simply excellent."

"The fee seemed expensive until I realized all of what she does. She worked side-by-side with me and invited phone calls when I had questions. The notebook has so much more detail than I would have thought of. It includes a table of contents that will make it easy for me and other family members to use."

          Lucy Ramsey DuBose

“Amy Praskac was a good guide through the process of gathering and organizing my records, something I found daunting. She was always direct about the next step and clear about how to take it. She set time limits and was good about telling me, 'Let’s finish it.'"

“I believe Amy is a pioneer in this kind of records organizing. The compiled notebook looks tiny, but there’s a lot of information in there. She offers a great service that I found extremely valuable.”

Lisa Belli

People who want someone to keep them on track

"I could not have done this on my own. I was highly motivated to do it and appreciated the help and the deadline! I feel so much better having this done."

"Amy Praskac is kind and respectful. She is helpful, but not judgmental. I appreciate how detail-oriented she is."

                    Judy Abrahamson

“It's very helpful to have this notebook compiled. We don't always want to do this kind of work, but there are a number of small things one can do to make end-of-life easier on your family."

"The process moved smoothly from the initial interview to the final product. Amy Praskac is technically prepared and temperamentally ready to do the project. Her meticulousness and care are key to completing the project."

                   Ted Whatley

"The combination of phone calls and e-mails was perfect to keep us on track. Amy Praskac was clear about the process up front so there were no surprises. Her integrity comes shining through as she was completely professional in every aspect of our work together.”

“We feel it doesn’t matter what age you are or whether you are married or single, everyone needs to be prepared. Most of us have the information somewhere, but need some help to ensure that it is complete and organized.”

Dave and Cory Duty

People who desire peace of mind

"The final notebook is more than we expected. The level of detail makes you think about all the accounts and whether you ought to consolidate. However, the details are necessary and Amy Praskac is always willing and able to explain why a particular piece of information is needed. Her process of working sessions combined with emailed to-do lists and follow-up phone calls is effective. She also brings a level of patience to a complex project that is very helpful."

"We now have a better system for maintaining personal records; it’s more efficient and more complete. It will no doubt be a major help in the event of an unexpected incapacitation of either one or both of us."

Peter and Jane

"I really love the work Amy is doing. As someone who lives alone, I worry about what would happen if I were to get sick or be in the hospital for an extended stay. No one else would know what to do to pay my bills and keep current with my affairs. Now someone can easily refer to my notebook. I could focus on healing because I would not be distracted about whether my bills were being paid timely. This greatly eases my mind."

Stephen Tompkins

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